Change in Direction

Posted: 20th December 2018 by Charlotte in About Me

Pomegranate Slice

Back to the Beginning

When I first started this blog, I thought it would be interesting to pick apart books from a writer’s point of view, which is still interesting to me, but I find I don’t have much time to keep up with new novels, not to mention a blog and get any art or my own writing done.

To give a little background, I played classical piano (semi-badly) as a teenager, got a degree in Painting – Drawing and Printmaking from the University of Florida (major party school), learned a bit about couture sewing (who says that drooling over beautiful clothes is shallow), and about seven years ago, decided I needed to write novels. Strangely, writing novels is harder than it sounds.  It appears you need more than opposable thumbs and a few long nights over at Nanowrimo.  (Can I just say writers totally know how to party?)

While at art school, I had two very different and excellent art teachers, Hiram Williams and Marcia Isaacson who influenced me in two completely different directions.  Hiram was of the Francis Bacon school of freaky art.  His claim to fame at the University of Florida was that he painted a picture of the head of the university that made him look like the world’s sleaziest car salesman.  It was an excellent and fun picture.  It was rejected by the university.  Marcia, on the other hand, embraced the whole photo-realism stream and made wonderful and huge graphite drawings of antique photos.

I was torn.  During school, I painted semi-photo-realistic paintings, but the paint kept edging me to a more expressionistic style.  By the nineties, while learning with Eleanor Ferris at the Evanston Art Center, I abandoned any pretense of photo-realism and painted a series of modern Beauty and the Beast paintings.  You can see these on the Fantasy page, if you’re into the weirdness.

One day I was spinning through Amazon, looking for cool stuff to buy that I couldn’t afford, and I found a set of 150 color pencils for $20.00.  Having done a lot of photo-realistic color pencil drawings back at U of Fla, I decided to get them in spite of the fact that I didn’t have much hope for any pencils that cheap.  They were pretty funky pencils, but fun, too.

I spent the next few months playing with the pencils learning new techniques for using color pencils that didn’t exist back in the days when I was ripping off album covers.  (Or maybe they existed, but there was no internet so nobody knew about them.)  It didn’t take long before I was buying good pencils and expensive paper.  As a result, I ended up returning to photo-realism, but with a very different technique and style.

I’m still pushing images towards a level of hyper-realism that wasn’t possible back in the day of film cameras and looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

If you like my paintings, please leave a comment.  If you don’t like my paintings, you can still leave a comment, but I might delete it if I’m in a bad mood, which I am reliably informed happens from time to time.