If ever there was an argument for the complete annihilation of the publishing industry as we know it, Clive Cussler is that man.  I don’t even know the name of this POS book and I only picked it up because it had a yellow cover (I know better now) and this guy sells a gazillion books a year and it was supposed to be a thriller.
The prologue has nothing to do with anything that comes later.  I hate prologues anyway and if you’re a self-respecting person you will hate prologues, too.   Unless Robert Crais writes them, then it’s okay.  Cuz he knows what he’s doing.
Characters – wow do they suck.  My special hate is reserved for the woman doctor.  The characters come in all the necessary politically correct skin colors, too.  Barf.  There’s a guy who wears a pretend beard while sailing around in the Middle East on an oil barge where, I am reliably informed it is regularly 140 degrees F.  He didn’t even like scratch.  All the border police were fooled.  Totally.
Boat within a Boat – yes it’s easy as pie to take a rusted out old hulk and build a superliner inside with an Olympic swimming pool and a medical lab and a mini sub and blah blah blah all while maintaining the nasty outside.  If that wasn’t enough the brave captain and crew change the appearance of the boat all around.  Which is okay because nobody would notice them doing that in the middle of some major shipping lanes.  Hah.
Everybody speaks five languages and all weird ones, too.   When was the last time you met somebody who spoke five languages?  Sure, some people can do it, but they usually don’t have time to become physicists and stuff while they’re practicing up speaking Urdu and Mandarin.
After about 200 pages of bilge (how did I last that long?) Cussler gets around to the real story about a cult group that wants to sterlize everybody so they can save Gaia, which might be pretty interesting if Cussler had the faintest idea how to write.
Then, there are the cliches, the threadbare phrases and the hip deep metaphor mixing.
Here are the really real high points:
  •  A guy jumps down five balconies at a hotel and manages to land on the little bitty metal rail and them casually drop another floor while the bad guys are shooting at him.
  • A couple of guys have a building exploded on top of them and dig their way out with their bare hands.  Sure, that happens.
  • The same guys get tossed in the ocean and hold their breath for three minutes, THEN at the end of the three minutes gag down some sea water and KEEP GOING.  Yeah, anybody could do that.
I gave up.  You should too.