Dracula Project

Posted: 20th March 2019 by Charlotte in Acrylics, Dracula Project

Carfax Abbey

The Project: It was early October, 2018, and I needed a quick project for Inktober. What better subject for 31 ink drawings in the blackest of black ink and the whitest of paper than illustrations of that great 19th century novel … DRACULA. (Bet you haven’t read it.)

Mere ink sketches didn’t begin to answer the depth and creepiness of Dracula. I decided I needed to do a full press illustration of the entire book. (Yes, I’m crazy-ish.) I began with 5″ x 7″ drawings in marker, acrylic ink and watercolor pencil. Pretty soon I expended to fluid acrylics, and larger 8″ x 10″ sketches.

Themes: You may have heard that Dracula is about syphilis, (Bram Stoker denied that his book had anything to do with sex), but there is so much more in this novel – deviant sex, technology vs. magic and superstition, First World (of 1890) vs. an invasion of the Third World. Does Dracula have meaning in the 21st Century? I think so.

I plan to concentrate on the themes of technology v. magic and the invasion of Western civilization by a foreign and dangerous enemy.

Check out the sketches on the Dracula Project sketches page for my brilliant thoughts on the dark, spookiness of the most famous monster ever.