Charlotte Angel - Artist

Abstract Waterscapes and Spacescapes

Other Works

Some works may still be available. Please contact the artist for prices and availability.

Beauty and the Beast Series

Blue Wolf Dream_Charlotte Alexander_Angel
Blue Wolf Dream
Sweep Me Off My Feet_Charlotte Alexander_Angel
Sweep Me Off My Feet
Hold My Heart_Charlotte Alexander_Angel
Hold My Heart
A Most Exciting Female_Charlotte Alexander_Angel
A Most Exciting Female
Spooky Romance_Charlotte Alexander_Angel
Spooky Romance

Death Take My Heart Series

Death's Bride_Charlotte Alexander_Angel
Death’s Bride
Death Take My Heart_Charlotte Alexander_Angel
Death Take My Heart
In My Present Transient Form_Charlotte Alexander_Angel
In My Present Transient Form
Death Hold My Hand_Charlotte Alexander_Angel
Death Hold My Hand

Works in Color Pencil