Dracula Project

Posted: 20th March 2019 by Charlotte in Acrylics, Dracula Project

Carfax Abbey

The Project: It was early October, 2018, and I needed a quick project for Inktober. What better subject for 31 ink drawings in the blackest of black ink and the whitest of paper than illustrations of that great 19th century novel … DRACULA. (Bet you haven’t read it.)

Mere ink sketches didn’t begin to answer the depth and creepiness of Dracula. I decided I needed to do a full press illustration of the entire book. (Yes, I’m crazy-ish.) I began with 5″ x 7″ drawings in marker, acrylic ink and watercolor pencil. Pretty soon I expended to fluid acrylics, and larger 8″ x 10″ sketches.

Themes: You may have heard that Dracula is about syphilis, (Bram Stoker denied that his book had anything to do with sex), but there is so much more in this novel – deviant sex, technology vs. magic and superstition, First World (of 1890) vs. an invasion of the Third World. Does Dracula have meaning in the 21st Century? I think so.

I plan to concentrate on the themes of technology v. magic and the invasion of Western civilization by a foreign and dangerous enemy.

Check out the sketches on the Dracula Project sketches page for my brilliant thoughts on the dark, spookiness of the most famous monster ever.

Cherries and Cut Glass Reflections

Posted: 5th February 2019 by Charlotte in Color Pencils
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Cherries and Cut Glass Reflection

Sometimes, even I get tired of slogging through the Heart of Darkness. I love shiny cherries and sparkly cut glass. Mirror reflections make it even better.

Cherries and Cut Glass Reflections. 2018 Acrylic on paper, 8″ x 10″ $90.00