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The Dracula Project

Dracula's Sisters Attack

It was early October and I needed a quick project for Inktober. What better subject for 31 ink drawings in the blackest of black ink and the whitest of paper than illustrations of that great 19th century novel … DRACULA?

Of course, mere ink sketches didn’t begin to answer the depth and creepiness of Dracula. I decided I needed to do a full press illustration of the entire book. (Yes, I’m crazy-ish.) I began with 5″ x 7″ drawings in marker, acrylic ink and watercolor pencil. Pretty soon I expanded to fluid acrylics, collage and bigger drawings.

Some of the drawings were fun and easy. Some of them were more complicated to realize – like the scene where Herr Doctor Van Helsing first examines Lucy (Light of the West) Westenra and he realizes that he is facing Satan’s henchman himself.

You may have heard that Dracula is about sex, (Bram Stoker denied that his book had anything to do with sex – what was he smoking?), but there is so much more in this novel – women’s place in society, technology, magic and superstition, and the First World (of 1890) being invaded by Third World Europeans.

Check out the Dracula Projects Gallery for my take on possibly the most famous literary character ever. The current gallery contains sketches and works in progress, but I will be replacing images with finished paintings in the weeks to come. If you would like to be notified when paintings and prints go on sale, please fill out the contact page and you will receive notification of my posts and availability of art works.

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